Book your tickets now October 23 Film Club Festival 2021

Join us for a screening of some of our best locally sourced short films with Bait (15) the BAFTA award winning film by Mark Jenkin

About this event

Bait (15) Dir Mark Jenkin 89:00

2020 BAFTA Award for Outstanding British Debut. Martin Ward is a Cornish fisherman, without a boat. His brother has repurposed their father’s vessel for tourists, driving a wedge between them. With their childhood home now a getaway for London money, Martin is displaced from the picturesque harbour. As he struggles to restore the family to their traditional place, a tragedy changes his world.

Here (2019) Dir Indigo Lowndes 07:50

A tangential telling of a life story, offering an intimate portrait of a Kentish Town local, using architecture and social conditions as indicators of a wider socio-political environment. Dealing with themes of isolation of the elderly and race and class division, this film explores the experience of growing up in a gritty, working class area in the immediate period after the war, and the incredible moment of moving from an urban slum into social housing, followed by the catastrophic dismantling of the system that followed in the decades after and how it ultimately most affected the worst off.

Consequences (2019) Dir Emily O’Mara & Jessica Jacobs 06:59

In the heart of North London, a huge new development is being planned by Camden Council and local landowners. Represented by animals who live at Kentish Town City Farm, local residents voice their concerns.

Coming Out (2020) 2:01

Shot after the first lockdown. It is about coming out from the dark and silent to the light, to the sound of birds, to life. It is about being in a bad place, a dangerous, place, and re-emergening to the blue sky. This video is about hope. There is always a way to come out, life can prevail.

Home (2020) Kasia Kaszowska 08:45

A story of a group of people accidentally inhabiting one building as property guardians. The turn of events starting in 2019 with the liquidation of a property guardian company and then lockdown pushes them to look for alternative housing arrangements… in the same building. The society that emerges from the current crisis will need new, alternative ways to achieve recovery. Strong local communities, strong local leadership and strong local solutions. Can co-operatives offer just that?

These Walls (2021) Dir Ste Flynn 01:10

A stunning visual call to save the memories of Dublin contained in the city’s walls. Poetry by Seán Watmore Poetry Read by Maureen Penrose. Save The Cobblestone – Save Merchant’s Arch – Protect Our City – Save These Walls

Brixton (2021) Dir Jessica Jacobs with Vitor Hugo Costa 03.20

Brixton has come a long way since the riots of 1981. “What does home feel like, look like, smell like, sound like?” This short mixes stop animation with projections of the work by Brixton residents who joined a textile-based workshop exploring the impact of gentrification. Voiceover is a poem by participant Grace Deveer.

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