Community Led Housing

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What is Community-Led Development?

Community-Led Development is a process where ‘Meaningful community engagement and consent occurs throughout the development process. Communities take a long-term formal role in the ownership, stewardship, or management of their homes. The benefits of the scheme to the local area and/or specified community group are clearly defined and legally protected in perpetuity’. (Greater London Authority 2020)

The design and production of your home, business or facility is the beginning of producing a community that affects everyone so the rights and responsibilities should be for everyone too.  It is not enough to just allow objections to planning applications after they are submitted.  You need to be meaningfully included from the outset so you can take design and take responsibility for sustainable, secure homes, businesses that supports local people, green spaces that protect wildlife and educational and health facilities that promote wellbeing.

There is never just one ‘community’ But we use this term to refer to everybody that lives and works in an area. We are also particular keen to acknowledge the importance of the labour and social and cultural capital produced by people who do not own their own homes, those who rent privately or live in social housing and those who might be on lower incomes. We work to ensure different groups are able to fully participate in debates about what happens to where they live and work. 

We acknowledge and plan for the climate and housing crisis. We work with and for people in housing need – this includes those who are unable to establish their own home because of high market rents and property prices.

Our Values

Building homes, art, education, health and other community facilities that

  • Acknowledge the multiple roles participants can play in the process. 
  • Are environmentally sustainable and climate change ready (including heat pumps and passive housing).
  • Acknowledge Camden’s Social Housing Heritage which is Low rise and High density, modular, develops our relationship between the public and private realm and embodies a strong sense of community.
  • Offer flexibility within homes to adjust to changes and between homes over time to allow for people to stay in the same homes during their lifetimes as they have children, children grow up, and they retire. 
  • Offer flexibility and covid-proof innovative solutions to managing the live/work relationship

Our Structure

  • Supporting peer to peer networks and platforms
  • Tenant representation in Housing Management
  • Coherent policies and procedures that are regularly updated in order to maintain transparency of process and accountability
  • EDI, Equalities Act, Care Act, Climate Change, Social Value Act compliant.
  • We work with Registered Social Landlords

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