Camden has a strong heritage of high density low rise housing that has now achieved iconic status. Much of the impetus for this movement came from Sidney Cook who was the borough’s chief architect at the time.

  ‘In an era sharply divided by wealth, [Sidney] Cook sought to fulfil the post war Labour idea of well-managed council housing available to the ‘doctor, the grocer, the butcher and the farm labourer’.

‘The social housing they built during this period has become some of the most iconic 20th century housing in the world’.

Below are just some of the amazing low rise high density architecture you can find in Camden today.

Haddo House (1965-72) Robert Bailie
Winscombe street (1962-5) Neave Brown
Winscombe Street
Highgate New Town (1972-9) Peter Tabori

Other classic examples of high density low rise social housing includes:

Alexandra Road (1967-79) Neave Brown

Dunboyne Road (1971-77) Neave Brown

Mansfield Road (1974-80) Benson and Forsyth

Lamble Street (1974-80) Benson and Forsyth

Waxham & Ludham (1974-79) Frederick McManus

Barrington Court (1952-54) Powell & Moya

Wood Field (1947-49) Farquharson & McMorran

Isokon Flats 1933-34 (Wells Coates)


References Camden: A Tour of Modern Housing organised by Aidan Hall and Rosalind Peebles from the Architecture Foundation