We are a community led housing CLT and a charitable community benefit company. We offer Camden and private developers a means to ensure local communities are fully consulted in any development plans.

We are a group of artists, crafters and filmmakers who live and work in Camden right next to the upcoming Murphy’s Yard development. Our plan for social life on this site is based on over seven years of community engagement with the existing communities of people who live and work in our borough – with a focus on the communities who live and work in the areas surrounding Murphy’s Yard. Our core aims and vision of sustainable and resilient community-led living and working is based on our creative work.

We focus on engagement activities and consultation with the local community because we want to be sure we represent the interests of local people. We believe the creative arts are key to engagement with the community and bringing real improvements to there lives. We are constantly developing our artistic practice and also carry out arts-led community engagement activities with other communities in the UK and internationally.

Even before we established Camden Community Makers, engagement with our community is something that we’ve done every day as artists, as local residents, as carers, and as mothers bringing up our children, through our activities, our workshops, our interactions with our neighbours and just in every day conversation on the street about what is happening locally.

Our Rules