Camden Community Makers are a group of local campaigners, artists and crafters established to ensure that local development in our area is designed to benefits the wider community. Our core aims and vision of sustainable and resilient community-led living and working is based on our creative work. We offer Camden Council and private developers our engagement expertise to ensure the success of all development in the local area by by facilitating meaningful engagement with local communities.

We all live and work in Camden where many of London’s major developments are taking place. One of the largest is Murphy’s Yard, owned by Folgate Estates which is part of the contracting firm Murphy’s. We have seen how developers fail to acknowledge the needs of the local community so we have produced an alternative plan for Murphy’s Yard, outlining the potential this site has for community-led development. This work is based on over seven years of community engagement with the existing communities of people who live and work in our borough.

Why community-led development?

Development is not successful in the long-term unless local communities are directly involved from the outset. We have designed a series of award-winning engagement activities that allow for real, meaningful consultation with the local community.

Our work is based on a place-based approach and that in order to thrive, communities need space, space experiment, explore and be creative. We want to help make that space and are constantly developing our artistic practice through our arts-led community engagement activities with a wide range of communities in the UK and internationally.

We are registered as a community-led housing CLT and a charitable community benefit company meaning all profits from our work goes back to benefit the wider community.

Our Rules