Our core aims and vision of sustainable and resilient community-led housing and living is based on over six years of community engagement with the existing communities of people who live and work in the Camden and other boroughs in London  – with a focus on the communities who live and work near to the Kentish Town Development Framework area.

Our engagement activities and consultation with the local community are designed to ensure we represent the interests of local people. While our focus is on our local community we also carry out community engagement activities for other communities in the UK and internationally.

Engagement with our community is something we’ve done every day for years as local residents, as carers, and as mothers bringing up children, through interactions with our neighbours and conversation on the street about what is happening locally.

In our work on Murphy’s Yard and the Kentish Town Development Framework we collected more than 213 items recording individual responses and ideas directly from the community that live around the new zoned area; the people that are going to be most affected by the development. Our data doesn’t just come from superficial questionnaires, it is rich and diverse and includes annotated watercolour images, line drawings, textile crafts, a large felt map, felted icons and written comments.



Individual pieces of engagement material


Written feedback, annotated drawings and handmade crafts


Youth engagements at Gospel Oak Primary School workshops